Customer Testimonials

“I have been traveling by way of Liverpool Airport Taxi Services for years. The advantage of it is that they offer a very professional yet friendly service. We have taken several business trips over the past couple of years and on some of these trips we had invited our children and spouses.

No matter what the situation is this airport taxi company had come through for us. They care about business associates, children, and anyone else who uses them for fun or business travel. I am happy to say that I have used this company’s services for over four years.”

~Ted, Manchester Business Associate

“It is a relief to find a car company you can rely on. I travel solo most of the time and I am happy that this company actually is who they say they are. That is refreshing in a world of dishonest people who do poor business. Trust in a company is most important, and that is why I have chosen Liverpool Airport Taxi Services. I would not have it any other way.”

~Rachael, USA District Food Service Manager

“I am an educator who has taken students on trips all over the UK. We need a reliable taxi service for our cultural studies and field trips. I always know that I can count on this company to provide the right-sized vehicle that our group needs. We typically rent one to two 8 or 15 passenger vans at least once a year, sometimes more frequently than that. I would recommend this particular taxi service for any educational trip.”

~Thomas, Heathrow, UK Professor

“It is very hard to find a taxi company you can rely on. Liverpool Airport Taxi Services is one such company that you can trust. They are who they say they are and then do what they say they are set out to do. They provide transport to and from the local airport as well as to local hotels, parks, museums, and so forth. I will keep this particular agency on my “favorites” list.”

~Mark, USA Business Traveler

“This company is very friendly to people that are not from the UK. They are very open to helping travelers from all over the world get around. They offer the highest-quality of vehicles. I am so happy that they clean the vehicles, and it is nice to not have one that stinks of stale smoke.”

~Denise, Brazil Journalist

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